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Botafogo 'Shirt Of Inequality' Kit Released

Botafogo's new 'Shirt of Inequality' jersey has been released. It is made by Kappa.

In an unequal country, prejudice becomes clear.

Botafogo 'Shirt Of Inequality' Football Jersey

This is the Botafogo 'Shirt of Inequality', made by Kappa.

The Kappa Botafogo 'Shirt of Inequality' jersey is in black and white and feature a chart design. The shoulders and sleeves are in black with a Kappa logo on each side.

Botafogo name the shirt 'Manto Da Desigualdade' (Shirt of Inequality). Each stripe is used to indicate inequality statistics in Brazil. From left to right reads:

  • Only 27% among the richest are black
  • 61% of feminicide victims are black women
  • Blacks are only 10% of students from the 20 best schools in Brazil
  • 56.2% of the population of Brazil is black
  • Only 18% of physicians are black
  • 75% of homicide victims are black
  • Only 27% of medical students are black

The shirt will be sold exclusively at the Botafogo Store and only 1000 units will be produced.

Made by Kappa. Do you like Botafogo's 'Shirt of Inequality' jersey? Comment below.