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Cristiano Ronaldo Switches Back To His Old Mercurial At Half-Time

During the 2-0 defeat of Manchester United against their city rival, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen switching to his old Superfly after the first-half.

Cristiano Ronaldo switches back to Motivation Pack Mercurial Superfly

It seems the Portuguese forward didn't enjoy playing the new Recharge Mercurial.

Saturday defeat to Manchester City was definitely not a pleasant match for Cristiano Ronaldo and co. To make things just a little bit worse, Ronaldo's new pair of Mercurial Superfly seemed to not have been broken-in properly just yet.

After the 1st half, Ronaldo showed up wearing the Motivation pack Mercurial Superfly instead. But the changes of boots didn't bring much improvement as United couldn't turn things around.

Recently, another player who also has been switching around with his new Mercurial is Bayern's Leroy Sane, highly likely due the same reason.

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