Did Lewandowski Wear a Defective Bayern Kit?

If you watched the Bundesliga game between FC Augsburg and Bayern München, you possibly have wondered if Lewandowski's kit was faulty in the second half. Let us find out if.

Lewandowski Wears Bayern Kit With Crumbled Crest

In the second half, the Bayern crest of Lewandowski's kit looked like missing the lower part at first glance. However, a closer look reveals that the crest was not missing the lower part.

Lewandowski's crest appears to be just very crumpled. However, this virtually can not happen with a Bayern 21-22 authentic kit...

Just as all other Adidas 21-22 Elite Team kits, the FC Bayern 21-22 away kit has heat-applied logos. However, both the Adidas logo and the Bayern crest are not simple, cheap standard plastic logos but have a high-quality 3D approach. They should not crumble.

The kit Lewandowski wore appears to have a cheap plastic logo instead of the usual 3D crest. It might be a prototype of Adidas.

As we have to rely on the images of the match and do not hold it in our hands, we can not say for sure that Lewandowski's kit had a wrong, cheap plastic crest. It could also be that it was just very, very crumbled...

Meanwhile, Augsburg's Arne Maier was wearing the wrong sponsor on his kit in the first half. Instead of the usual FC Augsburg kit, he wore the Special Edition version from some weeks ago with a black sponsor.

Lewandowski Kit - Possible Reason For Odd Crest

  • Fake - Very Unlikely
  • Just very crumbled
  • Prototype with cheap plastic crest

Do you have spotted other players from Adidas teams wearing a similar crumbled crest? Comment below.