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Fake: Dodici Otto x Manchester United 'Ronaldo's Return' Shirt Being Sold Online

Given the popularity of Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo, it is no wonder that fake merchandises related to them are so prevalent. The recently revealed 'Ronaldo's Return' shirt is no exception.

Fake Dodici Otto x Manchester United 'Ronaldo's Return' Shirt On Sale

Here's what the fake 'Ronaldo's Return' jersey looks like.

While the two look quite identical at first as all the graphics presented, a closer examination can reveal several details that separate them.

Firstly, the red hue on the real jersey is darker than that of the fake one. Sure you could argue that they were taken on different devices, but once you zoom in the texture, you'll find out that instead of the dotted patterns, the fake shirt has a geometric texture instead. This is due to the fact that it is made of an inferior material.

Move on to the collar where you'll find the inside of the fake Dodici Otto jersey to be white. Both the replica and authentic Manchester United shirts are red inside out. Then there's the yellow "Youth-Courage-Success" strip that is definitely off-coloured and inaccurately printed.

Lastly, one dead giveaway that the shirts on sale are fake is that the Dodici Otto x Manchester United 'Ronaldo's Return' jersey is not for sale. Only one was ever made.

Unlike the Chelsea shirt, which is already sold out, the Dodici Otto Manchester United "Ronaldo's Return" jersey will not be available to buy.

Would you like to be able to purchase the actual "Ronaldo's Return" jersey? Comment below.