First Ever - Alemmania Aachen 21-22 Karneval Kit Released

We have kit news from the German Regionalliga (4th division) as the new Capelli Alemmania Aachen 2021-22 Karneval jersey was released yesterday. This marks the first time the club has ever released a shirt like this.

Image via Aachener Nachrichten

Aachen 21-22 Karneval Shirt

This is the new Capelli Alemmania Aachen Karneval shirt for 21-22. It will be worn in February 2022 against FC Köln II.

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The Capelli Aachen 2021-22 Karneval jersey combines the club's colors black and yellow, rather than going for a brighter, more confetti-like look.

The base of the jersey is black with 11 diagonal yellow stripes on the front as a reference to November 11th, which marks the start of Karneval. The sleeves feature a very different design; they are covered in a black and yellow diamond pattern to look more like something from Karneval.

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The special shirt also has the logo of a new sponsor printed on the right chest. Aachener Karnevalverein (AKV) have partnered with and agreed to let Alemmania Aachen keep 100% of the revenue brought in by the Karneval shirt sales.

The Capelli Alemmania Aachen 2021-22 Karneval jersey can already be pre-ordered for 66,00 €.

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