Football Activist Aims To Brings 1,000 Kits To Children This Christmas

Founded by football coach and activist Paul Watson, Kitmas is a campaign that looks to bring happiness to many young football fans this upcoming Christmas.

Kitmas Collecting & Distributing Football Shirts For Children

The organisation collects second-hand football shirts that are in excellent condition.

It then sends the shirts to food bank or children's centre to ensure these jerseys will be in the hands of children in need.

People can get involve through both money and shirts donation. The money will be used for purchase of new shirts.

Another way is creating another Kitmas branch on Crowdfunder. This is more suitable for community football clubs and organisations as they will buy and distribute the shirts themselves.

So far, Kitmas has raised over £1000 on Crowdfunder. Meanwhile, Paul is also receiving support from his brother Mark, who is a stand-up comedian. Kitmas will run until 8 December 2021.

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