Fortuna Köln 21-22 Karneval Kit Released

The new Fortuna Köln Karneval jersey was released earlier this month. It is made by Capelli and will be worn in the 2021-2022 Regionalliga.

Fortuna Köln 2021-2022 Karneval Shirt

This is the new Capelli Fortuna Köln Karneval jersey for 21-22.

The Fortuna Köln 2021-22 Karneval jersey is based on the Capelli Caracara teamwear template. It features red and white vertical stripes on the front. The sleeves, back and the top of the front section all come in solid red. The four white squares, Capelli's trademark appearance, run down below the round, white collar.

To add to the Karneval look, little confetti pieces are printed all over the front in blue, yellow, green and red. This makes for a similar aesthetic to the FC Köln Karneval jersey, released several weeks ago.

Köln 21-22 Carnival Kit Released

Images via Twitter

Red shorts and socks complete the new Capelli Fortuna Köln 21-22 Karneval kit.

The Capelli Fortuna Köln 2021-2022 Karneval jersey retails at 65,00 €.

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