Nike Arsenal Mashup Kit By Participation Trophy Studio

Philippe Tabet, a long-time Arsenal fans and football collector, receives a special Nike-era mash-up jersey of his beloved club.

When Nike's era at Arsenal ended in 2014, the Swoosh also showed off a special Arsenal mash-up shirt. The mash-up jersey by Participation Trophy Studio boasts some clear similarities.

Nike Arsenal Mash-Up Kit from 2014

Unique 20 years of Nike Arsenal Mashup Jersey

Check out the "Swoosh Era" Arsenal mashup made by Participation Trophy Studio shirt below.

Tabet, who also works at Nike in Oregon, USA, grew up in London. It is inevitable that he'd choose to have his shirt created using 20 different kits from 1994 to 2014, the Nike era of Arsenal kits.

"I’ve followed and supported Arsenal since 2002. I became an Arsenal fan because when I was younger my best friend’s older brother was an Arsenal supporter [...]", Tabot speaking to Soccerbible.

"I wanted to commemorate some of the best Nike x Arsenal designs which was an iconic partnership for the club and across football."

He got the idea of the mashup from the 2013-14 special shirt that Nike made for Arsenal in their final year of partnership.

When I commissioned the piece I was inspired by the print and kit that Nike made right before the Nike x Arsenal partnership ended. The prints were sold in limited numbers while the kit was never available for purchase and I believe it resides in the Arsenal Football Club Museum now. Owning a unique variation of that is something that instantly brings back a lot of memories of Arsenal and their heritage.

The result, we would say, is an equally masterpiece of a jersey.

Created by Participation Trophy Studio. Do you like this mashup "Swoosh Era" Arsenal shirt? Tell us in the comments.