The Most Outrageous Stolen Football Kit Designs Of All Time

Throughout football history, there have been many cheap copies of more famous teams' uniform. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent examples, collected by Casacas LucoLasS.

Netherlands & Atlético Bucaramanga (1989)

Our first entry was way back in 1989. Colombian club Atlético Bucaramanga took the design of the 1988 EURO champions Netherlands.

The pattern was kept the same without, of course, all elements of Adidas. The colour was changed to Atlético Bucaramanga's yellow.

River Plate & Banfield (2007)

Unlike many other examples shown here, this was between two teams in the same league.

In 2006, River Plate sported the Teamgeist template by Adidas. One year later, Banfield, who also played in the Argentine Primera División, copied that same design.

Nanque, Banfield's manufacturer at the time, pretty much just take the Adidas jersey, erased the branding and changed the diagonal stripe to green and called it a day.

Liverpool & América de Cali (2009)

The next club gave it a bit more effort in creating their copy.

In 2009, América de Cali, another Colombian club, fused the 2006-08 and 2008-10 home jersey of Liverpool to make it their own uniform.

The white accents on the body is from the 06-08, the white collar from the 08-10 while the Adidas 3-stripe is now only two.

Nigeria & Excursionistas (2018)

Nike's creation for Nigeria home kit caused quite a stir and it didn't take long before Argentine club Excursionistas to follow.

All the designer at the manufacturer DANA had to do was to invert the colour palette and there was the 'new' kit.

USA & MC Alger (2018)

So far, all the stolen designs have come from unknown brands. Not this one though.

Also in 2018, Nike created another unique kit, this one was for the U.S. football team. MC Alger from Algeria obviously the one who mimic the design here, but their manufacturer was Umbro.

The British brand is by no mean an unknown company and despite used to be part of Nike, by 2018 the two were already separated from each other.

Umbro altered the pattern a bit and added the diamonds on the sleeves. But there was no hiding what they did here.

What do you think of these copied football kit design? Let us know below, and head over to Casacas LucoLasS to see even more examples.