2022 World Cup Kit Makers So Far - Adidas and Nike Dominate

It is still 11 months for the Qatar 2022 World Cup to kick off. We take a look at the kit makers of the teams qualified.

2022 World Cup Kit Makers - 13 Teams, 4 Brands So Far

So far, 13 teams are qualified for the 2022 World Cup. Hosts Qatar, Argentina, and Brazil from South America as well as 10 European teams.

Nike currently lead the 2022 World Cup kit battle with 5 teams. Adidas come second with four teams, Puma third with two teams. Hummel have Denmark under contract.

Nike - 5 teams: Qatar, Brazil, France, Croatia, England, Netherlands

Adidas - 4: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Argentina

Puma - 2: Serbia, Switzerland

Hummel - 1: Denmark

No team from Africa, Asia, Middle/North America, and Oceania have secured qualification so far. However, it is extremely likely that we will see Iran (currently Uhlsport), South Korea (Nike), and Saudi Arabia (Nike) from Asia in the 2022 World Cup.

Italy and/or Italy, South Africa, and Ivory Coast will definitely miss the World CupIt is already certain that one big team from Europe will miss the World Cup - Italy or Portugal. We will also not see Ivory Coast and South Africa in Qatar.

We will update the overview when the next teams will secure qualification in March 2022.

2022 World Cup Kits Overview

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