2022 World Cup Kit Makers - Nike With as Many Teams as Adidas and Puma Combined

Updated with better images of the Qatar 2022 World Cup kit battle, including one showing off the groups and each team's suppliers. 29 of the 32 teams are qualified.

Nike have as many teams as Adidas and Puma together so far

2022 World Cup Kit Makers - 29 Teams, 8 Brands So Far

First pie chart via Footpack.

So far, 29 teams are qualified for the 2022 World Cup.

Nike clearly lead the 2022 World Cup kit battle with 12 teams. Adidas and Puma share second place with 6 teams, respectively. Together, they have the same number as Nike.

Five brands have one team, respectivelyFour brands have one team - Hummel (Denmark), Iranian brand Majid (Iran), Marathon (Ecuador) and Kappa (Tunisia).

Puma's most important team, Italy, are, however, missing the 2022 World Cup.

Nike - 12 teams: Qatar, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, Croatia, England, Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, Portugal, USA

Adidas - 6: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Mexico

Puma - 6: Serbia, Switzerland, Uruguay, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal

Hummel - 1: Denmark

Marathon - 1: Ecuador

Majid - 1: Iran

Le Coq Sportif - 1: Cameroon

Kappa - 1: Tunisia


Nike: Australia, New Zealand

Adidas: Wales, Scotland, United Arab Emirates

Marathon: Peru

New Balance: Costa Rica

Joma: Ukraine

Six teams still have the chance to qualify. Ukraine/Scotland vs Wales, Australia/UAE vs Peru and New Zealand vs Costa Rica.

We will update the overview when the last teams will secure qualification in June 2022.

2022 World Cup Kits Overview

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