Adidas 'Edge of Darkness' Pack Released - Next-Gen Predator Edge to Drop Later

With the year having just started, Adidas this morning launched their first football boot collection of 2022 - or at least two thirds of it.

Fittingly named 'Edge of Darkness', the new Adidas cleats pack will of course be dominated by the new generation of the Predator, the Predator Edge. This almost blackout Predator Edge will however only be released in February, once the two debut versions of the new gen have dropped.

All boots from this collection combine a black base with white 3 Stripes as well as detailing in blue and red.

Adidas Predator Edge 'Edge of Darkness' (Released Later)

The Adidas Predator Edge '2022 Black Pack' combine a black base with three colors - white, red, and blue. The Three Stripes are white with blue and red, the Adidas logo is tricolor.

Adidas Copa Sense 'Edge Of Darkness'

The black / blue / red Adidas Copa Sense 'Edge Of Darkness' soccer boots sport a stealthy look with a touch of colors on the soleplate.

Adidas X Speedflow 'Edge of Darkness'

The black/white/vivid red/blue Adidas X Speedflow 'Edge of Darkness' football boots have a stylish look. They combine a black base with Tricolor logos and applications - white, red, and black.

The new Adidas 'Edge of Darkness' Copa Sense and X Speedflow were released on 4 January 2022. The Predator will follow in February.

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