Adidas to Change Logo For Kits

In shocking news, Adidas will certainly alter their logo with the 2022 World Cup. This is reported by TigresJersey and Gol de Sergio.

It is not sure if only Adidas Football, Adidas Sport, or the whole Adidas brand will change their logo

It is not known yet if the whole Adidas brand will change their logo, just the football sub-brand, just for the 2022 World Cup.

Adidas to Remove Adidas Lettering From Logo For 2022 World Cup & Following Football Kits

The new Adidas logo ditches the adidas text from it. It just comes with the Three Stripes.

Without the adidas text, the Adidas logo looks much more modern. We imagined how some of the brand's current kits would look with it.

The new Adidas logo is set to make its debut on the brand's 2022 World Cup collections. It is certain to feature on the training kits of the likes of Germany, Spain, and Mexico, while it will likely also feature on the match kits. This is not confirmed yet, however.

It is not known if Adidas will totally change their logo or just for football

It is not known but seems likely that the new Adidas logo will be rolled out across the entire Adidas Football range. It is also not known if other sports or lifestyle items will also have the new logo from late 2022.

The Adidas 2023-2024 club kits could also come with the new logo.

New Adidas Logo - Facts

  • no adidas text - only Three Stripes of the current logo
  • to debut with 2022 World Cup
  • certain on 2022 World Cup training, likely on 2022 World Cup match kits
  • not known but unlikely that the whole Adidas brand will change the branding

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