Exclusive: Bayern München 2022 CNY Jacket Leaked

We can leak Bayern München's new 2022 Chinese New Year jacket by Adidas.

Bayern München 2022 Chinese New Year jacket

Check out Adidas' Bayern München 2022 Chinese New Year football shirt below.

The adidas Bayern München 2022 LNY football jacket is in red with gold details and logos.

Similar to how it is presented on the Man Utd, the Bayern crest is located on the inside of the collar. On the left side of the chest is instead an enlarged letter M.

The back of the jacket features a special graphic that is inspired by Chinese ceramic tile pattern.

Adidas' Chinese New Year collection usually features a variety of products so the Adidas Bayern München 2022 CNY jacket should be only one part of this year's capsule. Expect a tiger graphic to appear on other products of this collection as it is the zodiac animal for 2022.

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