Hull City Carry Over 21-22 Away Kit as 22-23 Third

Last night, Hull City announced they would be carrying over their black away kit from this season as their 22-23 third jersey.

According to the club, demand for their blackout away shirt has been extremely high.

Hull City 21-22 Away Kit Released

A spokesperson for Hull said: "The decision to extend the use of the kit into next season is an apology to those fans who haven’t been able to get their hands on one yet."

The 21-22 Hull City away shirt has already been sold out twice due to its popularity among the suppporters.

Also from England, FC Brentford recently announced they would be carrying over their current home shirt for the 22-23 season. It goes without saying that using kits for more than one season is more sustainable for the environment.

Brentford to Carry Over Home Kit to 2022-23 Season

In the current era of football kits, most clubs release around 5 kits or more (home, away, third and GK's) annually, resulting in an absurd amount of production. Also, some amazing jersey designs, which could be enjoyed for longer, are too quickly put in and out of use.

It would be nice to see more teams go back to occasionally carrying over shirts, the way Leverkusen, Schalke and Nürnberg did in the 2010's.

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