Japanese Kits Are Incredibly Expensive

If you want to get your hands on a new 2022 Japanese team's football kit, it is gonna be expensive.

Kits Of Japanese Teams Cost Between 150-310 USD

The jerseys of all major Japanese clubs are much more expensive than the kits of almost all other teams in the world. The cheapest we found (Gamba Osaka) costs you 14.300 Japanese Yen (126 USD) for a replica, which is more than 30 USD more than kits of European and US teams. But this is the lower end of the price range.

Viseel Kobe's 2022 shorts cost more than 100 USDFor example, the new Vissel Kobe 2022 jerseys have a retail price of 20.000 Japanese Yen (177 US Dollar) for the replica version and 35.000 Japanese Yen (310 US Dollar) for the authentic version.

The shorts of the Vissel Kobe 2022 uniform retail at 12.000,00 Japanese Yen (106 US Dollar), which is more than the shirt of the majority of the clubs in the world.

Customizing your kit with your favorite player is also very costly. The teams want around 4000 Japanese Yen (35 US Dollar) for kit printings. Gamba Osaka have an extra charge of 550 Japanese Yen (5 USD) for 2 digit number.

But why are the kits of Japanese teams as expensive? There are multiple reasons for it, as pointed out by Japanese football shirt expert @JLeagueShirts.

Reasons For Japanese Kits Being Outstandingly Expensive

First, many teams first take the orders and then produce that number with as few leftovers as possible for a maximum profit and no risk. Fans are often not able to get their shirts until halfway through the season.

Fanatical Supporters Will Buy Kits "Whatever" The Price Tag IsSecond, fanatical fans of the teams will buy the shirts at "any price".

Third, there is not much demand for the kits except the die-hard fans. The teams decided to sell their kits at the highest possible price acceptable for their fanatical supporters - they wouldn't sell much more with lower prices.

High Prices of Japanese Kits - Reason:
  • Teams want to generate maximum profit from die-hard fans, who will get the kits at virtually any prices
  • Teams produce kits after orders often
  • No big demand from non-supporters

the Adidas kits of Japan's national team have the same price as in Europe and the US

Meanwhile, the Adidas Japan national team kits have the same prices as Adidas Global teams - this applies to the current Japan 20220 home authentic (15.000,00 Japanese Yen = 132,92 US Dollar) and replica (10.989 Japanese Yen = 97,37 US Dollar) jerseys.

What do you think of Japanese teams asking so much for their kits? Comment below.