Nike Premier 3 Firm-Ground Boots Already Available in South East Asia

Update: Nike have alunched the new Premier 3 FG version across their South East Asian stores, including Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. It's only a matter of time until they're available globally.

We can exclusively reveal that Nike are set to launch a FG (Firm Ground) version of their Premier 3 football boots very soon.

This news follows the official launch of the Premier 3 - at first only with a SG Anti-Clog sole plate - as well as our reveal of there being a TF (Turf) version of the model as well.

Leaked: Nike to Release Next-Gen Nike Premier 3 Turf Boots

Nike Premier III FG - Black / White

Check out the new Nike Premier 3 FG boots below.

Nike's new Premier 3 FG boots have the exact same design and upper as the recently released SG-Pro Anti-clog version. The fold-over tongue with a cut line lets you choose between a traditional or modern look.

But instead of the futuristic SG Anti-Clog plate, a classic one with conical studs is used.

Nike Premier III FG - Features

  • Upper: Premium kangaroo leather for heightened touch.
  • Tongue: 2-In-1 Design: Fold-over tongue features a cut line to let you choose between a traditional or modern look.
  • Sole Plate: Conical studs for grip on grass pitches
  • Price: €100 (£85)
  • Colorway: Black / White

Nike's new Premier 3 FG boots will be available for €100. We expect them to be released in the latest in January, 2022, but they could also drop sooner than that.

Next-Gen Nike Premier 3 Boots Released

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