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Sheffield Wednesday Advertise for a Non-Existing Energy Drink

English League One club Sheffield Wednesday are not having the usual shirt sponsors... Thanks to @The_Kitsman for the heads-up.

Sheffield Wednesday Sponsors Deeply Connected to Thai Owner Chansiri

Sheffield Wednesday are advertising for an Elev8 Energy Drink on their away kit. However, that Energy Drink does actually not exist in real life. They have had an inactive Twitter account since 2017.

Sheffield's kits were made by "Elev8" until this season

Indeed, Elev8 Energy Drink are a company with close relations to their Thai club owner Dejphon Chansiri. Founded in 2017 and registered at Hillsbrough, it appears the only reason for the existence of the company to get money for Sheffield Wednesday.

On their home kit, Sheffield Wednesday 'advertise' for their owner Dejphon Chansiri. The kit features the lettering Chansiri in gold on the front.

Until last season, Sheffield Wednesday's kits were not made by a usual supplier but by Elev8.

The sole reason for having these "sponsors" appears to be to get money in for the club. However, while some may think that it would be forbidden by the Financial Fair Play rules of the English Football League, it is not, as investigated by The Guardian.

The deals are compliant with the Financial Fair Play Rules of EFL

The English Football League say that the deals are “fair value”. In 2017-2018, revenues from three sponsorships connected to Chansiri were £1.27m (main kit sponsor, kit manufacturer, and scoreboard sponsor).

Sheffield are selling their kits without sponsor logos in their store.

What do you think of Sheffield Wednesday advertising for a non-existing energy drink? Comment below.