Spectacular Bonner SC 21-22 Karneval Kit Revealed

The new Bonner SC Karneval shirt was revealed today. It is made by Uhlsport and will be worn in the 2021-22 Regionalliga.

Bonn 2021-2022 Karneval Shirt

Check out Uhlsport's Bonner SC 21-22 Karneval jersey below.

The Uhlsport Bonner SC 2021-2022 Karneval shirt is inspired by the uniforms of the Bonn City Soldier Corps from 1872. Their colors of blue and red perfectly align with Bonner SC's club colors, with gold added for other details.

Either white or dark blue shorts and socks could round off the look of the new Bonner SC 2021-2022 Karneval outfit.

Basing a Karneval kit design on soldiers' uniforms is nothing new, as FC Köln have already done it before. Their 2015-16 Karneval shirt was inspired by the Rote Funken's uniforms.

The Uhlsport Bonner SC 2021-22 Karneval shirt can currently be pre-ordered for €77,77.

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