Vålerenga Announce Adidas Kit Deal + 2022 Preseason Kit

Norway's Valerenga announced a four-year kit deal with Adidas earlier this month, unveiling their new 2022 preseason the Vålerenga 2022 preseason uniform in the process.

Vålerenga IF 2022 Preseason Shirt

This is the new Adidas Valerenga preseason shirt for 2022.

Created using miAdidas, the Adidas Vålerenga 2022 preseason shirt is blue with a graphic print on the front as well as red accents in the form of the collar and sleeve cuffs.

Adidas was an equipment supplier for Valerenga both in the 90s and most recently from 2011-2015. In other words, this is not the first time the parties have worked together, and there are several in the club who are looking forward to the next five years.

"It will be incredibly cool with adidas from next season and that is something the whole player group is looking forward to. Adidas represents a fresh brand with clothes, shoes and clothes that can be worn both on and off the field," said Synne Jensen of the women's team.

This verdict is shared by Osame Sahraoui of the men's team: "I'm really looking forward to dressing in a royal blue adidas outfit. I'm a big fan of their football shoes from before, and the equipment we get now is incredibly cool."

Made by Adidas. Do you like Vålerenga's preseason shirt? Comment below.