Adidas Sapphire Edge Boots Pack Released - First 2022 On-Pitch Collection

Update: Adidas this morning officially unveiled the brand-new 'Sapphire Edge' pack of football boots, which is headlined by the new-gen Predator Edge and was already worn by many of the brand's top players recently.

Adidas Sapphire Edge Pack

The Adidas Sapphire Edge pack brings us the next-generation Adidas Predator Edge and new colorways for the Copa Sense and X Speedflow. They have streamlined colorways with a different blue main color for each silo - Team Navy Blue (Copa), Hi-Res Blue (Predator), and Sky Rush (X).

All Adidas players are set to wear the Sapphire Edge boots collection.

Adidas Copa Sense 'Sapphire Edge' - Team Navy Blue/White/Blue Rush

The team navy blue/white/blue rush Adidas 2021 Copa cleats from the new 'Sapphire Edge' pack feature a predominantly navy blue upper. The soleplates, as usual, have a two-tone design of sky blue and dark blue.

Adidas Edge Predator - Hi-Res Blue / Turbo / Hi-Res Blue

Adidas' 'Hi-Res Blue / Turbo / Hi-Res Blue' Predator Edge boots have a modern and striking look. They combine a blue base with striking red logos and applications.

Adidas X Speedflow - Sky Rush / Team Shock Pink / White

The new X Speedflow boots from Adidas are predominantly teal ('Sky Rush'), combined with pink and white.

Adidas Sapphire Edge Pack - Info

  • Includes next-gen Predator and new colorways for Copa and X
  • To be worn by Adidas players
  • Not limited - first "main/on-pitch" collection
  • Release Date: 1 February 2022

The Adidas Sapphire Edge Pack launches on 1 February 2022.

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