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Adidas to Release Black Panther X Speedportal Football Boots

Continuing with their collaboration with Disney in recent years, as seen with the Marvel X-men pack, adidas is going to release another colourway based on another Marvel superhero. This time it's the Black Panther.

Adidas' Upcoming 'Black Panther' X Speedportal

The X Speedportal 'Black Panther' will base its colourway on the general theme of the film.

Black will be used as the main colour, while two shades of purple are also expected to feature heavily on the boots. Some small details will be in gold.

In terms of tech, the 'Black Panther' X Speedportal should have the same as other release of the X range.

As the movie 'Black Panther II' will be released in November 2022, we can expect the X Speedportal 'Black Panther' to come out around that time as well.

What do you think the adidas X Speedportal 'Black Panther' will look like? Comment below.