Adidas x Versace Juventus 2022 Lux Pack Concept Kit

Lux Pack - In late spring/early 2022, Adidas will release a special collection inspired by the world's most famous fashion brands. Concept designer Faus Kits® (@Faus789) has created a Juventus Lux Pack concept kit, using FIFA Kit Creator.

Exclusive: Adidas to Release 'Lux Pack' For A Teams - Inspired By Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Co

No kits will be included in the actual Lux PackThe actual Adidas Lux Pack will not include an actual kit but just lifestyle items certainly. It will also not feature the logos of famous fashion houses as it has been created by Adidas independently.

Juventus 2022 Lux Pack Concept Shirt

This is the Juventus 2022 Lux Pack concept shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Juventus 2022 Lux Pack concept jersey has a luxurious style in every seam. It combines a black base with black/gold logos.

Between the new Adidas logo and the Juventus crest is the logo of the Italian fashion house Versace.

Inspired by the actual Adidas Lux Pack, the Adidas Juventus 2022 Lux Pack concept shirt comes with a subtle pattern on the front. Inspired by Louis Vuitton, it includes the Juve crest, a zebra, and a star.

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