Exclusive: Adidas to Release 'Lux Pack' For A Teams - Inspired By Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Co

Adidas will release a special collection inspired by the world's most famous fashion brands in Spring/early Summer 2022 - the Adidas Lux Pack.

Adidas Lux Pack - Arsenal, Bayern, Manchester United, Juventus & Real Madrid

The new Adidas Lux Pack is an Adidas lifestyle collection that boasts looks inspired by the trademark designs of luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

It is almost certain that it won't include an actual football kit but it is pretty certain that we will see teams wearing the Lux Pack ahead of matches and for other occasions.

Indeed, one item of the Adidas Lux Pack got already leaked (Real Madrid "Gucci"), while we have also concrete information about another one (Juventus "Louis Vuitton").

It remains to be seen which other fashion houses served as inspiration for Adidas - the Three Stripes launch Lux Packs for Arsenal, Bayern, Manchester United, Juventus & Real Madrid certainly.

Adidas Real Madrid 2022-23 'Gucci Collection'

Inspired by the trademark design of Gucci, the Adidas Real Madrid 22-23 collection replaces the famous Gucci pattern in favor of Real Madrid's crest.

LEAKED: Adidas Gucci-Inspired Real Madrid 22-23 Item - Not An Official Cooperation

Adidas Juventus 22-23 "Louis Vuitton" Collection

The Adidas Juventus 22-23 collection features a design inspired by the pattern of Louis Vuitton - The pattern is made up of the Juventus crest, a star and an illustrated zebra.

LEAKED: Adidas To Release Unofficial Louis Vuitton-Inspired Juventus Collection In 2022-23

The Adidas Lux Pack launches in Spring 2022 - March/April 2022.

Would you like Adidas to release actual football kits as part of the Lux Pack? Do you look forward to seeing more of the Adidas Lux Pack? Comment below.