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Adidas Algeria 2022 Shorts + Socks + Pre-Match

Update: Confirming the previous leak, the Adidas Algeria 2022 pre-match jersey is already available to pre-order via the federation's official online store. Meanwhile, the first info about the Adidas Algeria 2022 away kit was leaked. Like the other Adidas 2022 international kits, the Algeria 2022 home and away jerseys will be released on Wednesday, 21 September 2022.

Algeria 2022 Home & Away Kits
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Update: We can leak the release date and a bit more info about the Adidas Algeria 2022-2023 kits.

The Algeria 2022 kits will be launched on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the same date as all other Adidas 2022 national team kits.

The kits draw inspiration from the Algeria 1962 and 1982 teams (and likely their kits). The Algerian football team was established in 1962 after gaining independence from France. In the 1982 World Cup, Algeria beat current European champions West Germany on the first day of the tournament.

Update: We can leak the shorts, socks, pre-match jerseys, and more stuff of the Adidas Algeria 2022-2023 collection. It was intended for the 2022 World Cup but Algeria failed to qualify for Qatar.

Algeria's football federation (FAF) have requested that the second leg of their 2022 World Cup play-off against Cameroon be replayed amid complaints about refereeing decisions. We do not believe that FIFA or the CAS will grant an appeal.

Algeria 2022 Home & Away Kits

Nothing concrete about the Adidas Algeria 2022 World Cup home & away football shirt is known yet. The pictures Algeria shared hint at a design inspired by the 1962 and 1982 World Cup jerseys.

Just as all other Adidas 2022 World Cup jerseys, the Adidas Algeria 2022 home & away football shirt comes with the new Adidas Performance logo. It ditches the Adidas text from the current Adidas logo.


The Algeria 2022 home kit is white & green.

The shorts and socks are simplistic. The shorts come with the regular Algeria logo, while the socks just feature the FAF icon of the Algerian Football Federation

(Fédération algérienne de football) crest.


The Algeria 2022 away kit is green.

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Algeria 2022 Pre-Match

The Algeria 2022 pre-match collection boasts a unique design inspired by the El Mechouar palace, the former official residence of the Zayyanid dynasty.The fountains feature similar colors and patterns as the pre-match jersey. Adidas combine the pre-match jersey with metallic gold logos.

Indeed, the design is a bit similar to the Puma 2012 Algeria kit.

Algeria 2022 Collection

Algeria's new 2022 strips will be launched on September 21, 2022. We expect all Adidas jerseys to be launched on that day.

Algeria's (and likely all other Adidas') 2022 (World Cup) kits launch on 21 September 2022
Algeria 2022 Home & Away Kits
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