Algeria 22-23 Women's Special Kit Will Be Inspired by "Desert and Fennec Fox"

Update: We have received new info regarding the special Algeria 2022 football shirt. It will be released on November 21 2022 and probably never worn due to the contract expiring.

The first intel regarding Algeria's new 2022-2023 special shirt was leaked today courtesy of @dzfanstore. It is made by Adidas.

Algeria Women's 22-23 Special Kit

The Algeria Women's 2022-2023 special football shirt will be off-white, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Algeria Women's 2022-2023 special shirt will be off-white with maroon accents such as the Adidas logo and the 3 Stripes on the shoulders. It is also possible that Algeria decided to go for a modern approach, and the accent color is along the lines of off-white or sand-coloured, for example.

Interestingly, the Adidas Algeria 22-23 away jersey is inspired by the desert and the fennec fox with "a graphic interpretation of the fennec fur using the traditional Algerian away jersey colours". This fur can also be seen up close on the image shared by the Algerian store.

The fennec fox is a very small fox that lives in the deserts of North Africa, ranging from Western Sahara to the Sinai Peninsula. This fox features a sand-coloured fur.

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Made by Adidas. Are you a fan of what we know so far about Algeria's special jersey? Comment below.