LEAKED: Atlanta United 2022 Away Kit to Be Mint

Update: Adidas have launched a new Atalanta United 2022 "Travel Hoodie" in the same 'Clear Mint' color as the upcoming Atlanta 2022 away jersey. Stay tuned as we hope to receive more info about the kit soon.

We can reveal the first details about the new Atlanta United 2022 away kit, which is set to be launched shortly.

Atlanta 2022 Away Jersey

This picture shows the colors of the new Adidas Atlanta United away jersey for 2022.

The Adidas Atlanta United 2022 away jersey will combine a mint base color with dark green for accents and trim.

The official colorway is "Clear Mint ​/ Team Dark Green", both of these being Adidas staples.

Nothing about the design of the Adidas Atlanta United 2022 away football shirt is known as of today, but, going by past Atlanta United change shirts, it's safe to expect that a green recolored version of the logo will be used.

Atlanta United FC 2022 Travel Hoodie

Stay tuned for more details about the Adidas Atlanta United 2022 away shirt in the coming weeks.

The Atlanta United 2021 home kit will get carried over, and there's the potential for another third kit, but nothing has been leaked yet.

Atlanta United adidas 2021 Home Jersey

The adidas Atlanta United 2021 home shirt marks a departure from the club's trademark striped look as the black and red bands are swapped for a predominantly black jersey with five thin red stripes in the center. This aspect of the design is reflected in the mantra of the shirt - '5 YEARS. 5 PILLARS. 5-STRIPES'.

Atlanta United 2021 Home Kit Released

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