Have Nike Scrapped The Idea of Fourth Kits?

In recent times, teams and brands tend to release more football kits than ever before. Now the latest leaks suggest that this trend could stop.

FC Barcelona Wear Same Kit Four Years in a Row

Nike Release Pre-Match Jerseys Only Instead Of Fourth Kits For Barcelona & Chelsea

Nike will launch special shirts for FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC in January 2022. However, while it was rumored that the Swoosh will release special-edition fourth football kits, the Oregon-based brand will only launch pre-match shirts.

Both the Barcelona and Chelsea 2022 pre-match shirts celebrate the anniversary of each team's European Cup (Champions League) triumphs - this would have been a perfect reason for fourth kits.

PSG are the only Nike team to have a unique fourth kitIndeed, Nike did only start to release fourth kits some years ago. In 2020-21, the Swoosh possibly did already decided not to release fourth jerseys but just 'special' jerseys for their English clubs - the initial Air Max Tottenham leak featured the usual sponsor logo, ready for matches.

In contrast to other Nike teams, PSG still get fourth jerseys every year, made by the Jordan brand. Atletico Madrid and RB Leipzig also have four kits in 2021-22, but both fourth shirts are standard teamwear that you can buy in every small sports store.

Brentford will reuse their 21-22 kit for the 22-23 seasonWhen looking at other teams and brands, there are two different movements. Some smaller English teams announced that they will carry over their kits (Brentford, Hull City), while others are releasing even more kits than before (e.g. Carnival and pre-season kits).

Brentford to Carry Over Home Kit to 2022-23 Season

New Balance will release four kits for every of their big teamsNew Balance last summer even announced that all of their teams are getting fourth kits from the 2021-22 season. So far, only the AS Roma fourth kit was released.

Atlético & PSG Only Nike Teams to Get Fourth Kit This Season?

Venezia 21-22 Fourth Kit Revealed

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