Massive Kit Clash Between Senegal and Cape Verde

Today's round of 16 match at AFCON 2021 between Senegal and Cape Verde may have caught some viewers' attention due to the kit choices. The teams' field players were difficult to decipher, especially for those who are color blind.

Massive Kit Clash at AFCON 2021

When favorites Senegal played Cape Verde, they were considered the designated home side. However, instead of their white home shirts they opted to wear their dark green away kits, which are very similar to the navy blue shirts Cape Verde wore.

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This resulted in two very similar looking teams on the pitch.

From a distance, the contrast was not sufficient to easily be able to differentiate between the two dark jerseys. The only real difference can be found on the shoulders, which are neon yellow on the Senegal kits.

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Funnily enough, the two goalkeepers and referee had the best contrast, wearing yellow, pink and red.

We think the cause for this kit clash may have been a miscommunication between the two national teams and the referees. Both teams have white jerseys, which could have helped to avoid the confusion.

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