New AS Saint-Étienne Logo Released

French club AS Saint-Étienne today unveiled their new logo.

The new AS Saint-Etienne logo was voted by the club's supporters from three designs, as part of a collaborative process. At the end of November, nearly 16,000 fans were able to express their preference among these three proposals in order to elect the future logo of AS Saint-Étienne.

Proposal 1 was the clear winner of the vote - 61%. Logo 2 received 16% of the votes and Logo 3 received 23%.

AS Saint Etienne 2022 Logo

The new AS Saint-Etienne logo is a combination of digital inspiration and marked origins in Saint-Etienne. It has single typography and a dynamic coat of arms shape, resolutely futuristic without denying the past.

The main specificity of this new logo is that it integrates several elements of the coat of arms of the city of Saint-Etienne: the two golden palms, the crown, and the three crosses.

The Blue-White-Red star is now integrated into the top

The Blue-White-Red star, symbolizing the 10 French championship titles of ASSE, still reigns at the top of the logo but is now integrated into it and has more pronounced borders.

For the first time in its history and just before its 90th birthday, the club will also see its year of creation, 1933, written at the bottom of its emblem, in one of the three white stripes.

These green and white stripes, which first appeared on the club's logo in 1960, are a reference to the outdoor blinds of the Casino store whose founder, Geoffroy Guichard, also created the ASSE in 1933.

Gold becomes part of the secondary color palette

The gold surround, already present on several previous logos and underlining the history and prestige of the club, also marks its return. Gold will thus become part of the secondary color palette.

Finally, the font size of the various denominations on the logo now favors a better hierarchy and readability.

A version of this logo enriched by a representation of the branches of oak and laurel, symbols of strength and eternity, will have mainly institutional uses.

The new ASSE logo will come into effect on July 1, 2022.

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