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New Willem II 2022 Logo Revealed

Willem II, who are celebrating their 125th anniversary this season, recently revealed the new club crest from 2022 onwards.

New Willem II 2022 Logo

This is the new Willem II logo alongside its two predecessors: the crest that was created in 2007 and the 125th anniversary logo.

As you can see, the 125th anniversary version from this season provides the base design for Willem II's new logo. Unlike the trend of recent years, Willem II are opting to move away from a roundel design to a much more unique shape with a crown on top.

The main differences apart from the shape are the shades of red and blue, which are much darker and less vibrant on the new club crest. The gold borders between the colors and around the outline are now much thicker and darker.

The logo also removes the words "Willem II" and "Tilburg". It instead goes for a classy design that incorporates the "W" and "II" into one character. The founding year 1896 is still placed around an old fashioned football, which was slightly simplified and enlarged.

Looking back at Willem II's logo history, it becomes apparant that this design is not entirely new, but based mainly on the 1952 crest.

What do you think of Willem II's new club crest? Comment below.