Next-Gen Adidas Copa Boots to Be Not Released Before 2023

Adidas will not release a new generation of the Adidas Copa football boots before 2023, we can exclusively reveal.

The current-gen Adidas Copa Sense soccer boots were released in February 2021. They replaced the Adidas Copa 20, which was launched 12 months before. The Adidas Copa 20 was virtually identical to the Copa 19.

Current-Gen Adidas Copa Sense Boots to Stay Until At Least 2022 World Cup

The Adidas Copa Sense football boots are going to be part of the Adidas 2022 World Cup cleats pack(s). This means that there won't be a new generation of the Adidas Copa before early 2023.

Adidas usually release a new generation every 12 monthsUsually, Adidas are releasing a new generation of their silos every year. So it was initially expected that Adidas would release a new generation of the Adidas Copa in early 2022 already.

There is no info on the next-generation Adidas Copa 2023 boots yet. There is a small chance that Adidas will end the Copa silo but we don't think so.

Both the Adidas Predator and Adidas X receive a new generation in 2022 - Adidas Predator Edge and Adidas X Speedportal.

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