Austria Wien Remove Gazprom Export Logo From Kits

Austrian club Austria Wien have become the next club to ditch their Gazprom sponsorship for the time being.

Young Violets Play Without Gazprom Export Logo On Front Of Shirts

The Young Violets, the second club of Austrian club Austria Wien, played without their main sponsor Gazprom Export on the front of their shirts on Friday.

"With great dismay, we are following the developments surrounding the Russian attack on Ukraine. Because of this confrontation, there are victims, injured, traumatized, displaced and a lot of suffering. FK Austria Wien also want to set an example in this situation," Austria Wien said in a statement.

"The further course of action based on the current contract situation will be decided in a timely manner in the talks with Gazprom, which have already begun," the Violets said.

The deal between Austria and Gazprom was signed in August 2018 for five years. Per year, the Violets are to collect a bit more than 1 million Euro,

Gazprom Export (Russian Газпром экспорт) was created in 1998 from Gazprom's Soyuzgazexport. Founded in 1973, Soyuzgazexport was responsible for all gas deliveries to the West in the Soviet Union and owned an extensive gas network. Gazprom Export is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom. Gazprom Export is the world's largest exporter of natural gas.

Schalke Remove Gazprom From Kits

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