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Bayern München 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt & Anthem Jacket Released

Bayern Munich recently launched their new 2022-23 pre-match shirt and anthem jacket, confirming the previous leaks. It's important to note that both the jersey and jacket were supposed to be released together with the new home kit in May.

Bayern's pre-match jerseys in the past few years

Bayern Munich 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the Bayern Munich 2022-2023 pre-match jersey by Adidas.

Just as all other Adidas Elite Teams 22-23 pre-match shirts, the Bayern Munich 2022-23 pre-match top introduces a 1990s-inspired look. Bayern's jersey is red and black with all-white logos.

A simple crew-neck collar completes the design of the Adidas FC Bayern 22-23 pre-match jersey.

Partly produced from recycled materials, the Bayern 22-23 pre-match jersey comes with the globe symbol next to the Aeroready logo.

Bayern Munich 22-23 Anthem Jacket

This is the new FC Bayern 2022-23 anthem jacket.

The new Bayern 22-23 anthem jacket is predominantly red with white logos and maroon accents on the sides and collar.

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