How to Spot a Fake Arsenal Whiteout Kit

Some weeks ago, Arsenal wore a special Adidas "No More Red" whiteout kit against youth violence and knife crime. The kit has not been for sale - and now there are extremely many fakes flying around. Let us find out how to identify as fake.

There only exist the match-worn/match-prepared kits

The Arsenal whiteout kit has been awarded to people in the arsenal community. Adidas and Arsenal decided to not put the shirt for sale. Therefore, there are virtually no real Arsenal whiteout kits available - there only exist those produced for and worn by the players.

Arsenal 2022 Whiteout Kit - How to Spot a Fake

There are various things that unmask a fake Arsenal whiteout kit. The fakes often come with a heat-applied Adidas logo and Three Stripes, whereas the real one has stitched Three Stripes.

The best indicator is the crest

Another indicator for a fake can be found inside the collar - it often has the wrong text/font style. The Arsenal 21-22 whiteout kit was created via miteam.

However, there are some fakes that have stitched logos and a correct miteam collar area. However, there is no counterfeit with a correct-looking Arsenal crest - this is the hardest part to fake.

Old template: The Condivo 20 template is not available via miteam anymore

Unfortunately or luckily, it is also not possible to recreate the Arsenal 21-22 whiteout kit with miteam - it is based on the Condivo 20 template which was removed from the miteam website (shortly?) before the launch of the Arsenal No More Red kit.

Should have Adidas released the Arsenal whiteout kit for the public? Share your thoughts in the comments below.