Inter Milan & Nike In Clash Because of Moncler Deal

Nike want to reduce their payment to Internazionale by €1 million because of Inter's deal with Moncler.

Nike pay Inter just 10 million Euro a seasonInter Milan Announce Moncler Deal

Nike have been sponsoring Inter since 1998. The current deal expires in June 2024. Nike pay Inter around €10 million a season, much less than other big teams, including Juventus (€51 million from Adidas/season).

Nike Say Moncler Deal Overlaps With Their Deal

Nike have considered the partnership between the Nerazzurri club and the Italian brand of French origin a violation of their agreement with Inter. This has been revealed by Calcio e Finanza, who were able to view internal documents.

Nike’s sponsorship deal with Inter reportedly includes a clause that limits the Nerazzurri from entering into other clothing and shoes partnerships, but which makes an exception for formal wear.

"Under the sponsorship agreement with Nike, we may enter into agreements with clothing and footwear brands limited to formal clothing and formal shoes," the Nerazzurri club explained in the documents. "Following the signing of the sponsorship agreement with Moncler, Nike have formally informed us that it intends to reduce the base commission by €1 million Euro per year as compensation for waiving this limitation and allowing the sponsorship agreement with Moncler."

Adidas were rumored to become Inter's new kit maker"We are currently in discussions with Nike as we believe our relationship with Moncler is fully compliant with the terms of the existing sponsorship agreement with Nike, but we cannot rule out Nike attempting to withhold this amount from the base commission payment in the future or attempting to seek any other remedy."

Inter Milan To Leave Nike For Adidas?

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