Whole Buriram United Team Wear Goalkeeper Shirt to Avoid Kit Clash

A very unusual kit occurrence happened in the Asian Champions League on Tuesday night as Buriram United wore their goalkeeper strip against Daegu FC.

Buriram Outfield Players wear Goalkeeper kit

Fittingly, some of the players also opted to wear gloves

Predictably, a kit clash was at the heart of the strange decision. Daegu were the home side on the night and their home and away colours of sky blue and white are both too close to Buriram’s sky blue away kit.

Buriram’s home kit is a dark navy blue, which in reality probably would have been fairly distinguishable from the much paler blue home shirt of Daegu, but the Thai side erred on the side of caution and so all ten first team players togged out in the club’s orange and black “1st” goalkeeper kit. The glovesman himself wore his green change strip.

The dilemma must have been taken into consideration well beforehand, as it is doubtful that many teams would travel to an away game with ten spare goalkeeper shirts, or even more for the substitutes.

The game finished 0-0 after extra time and looked to be heading to penalties when Bolingi scored what seemed destined to be the winner for Buriram United 119th minute, only to see his strikel cancelled out by an equaliser in the 121st minute. And so, penalties it was. Somewhat ironically, the team of goalies lost the shootout 3-2.

Have you ever seen a team resort to playing in their goalkeeper kit before? Let us know in the comments.