FC St. Pauli Launch Anti-Racism Kit

FC St Pauli's new 2021-22 anti-racism kit was released a couple of days ago. It is made by DIIY and will be worn in the next 2. Bundesliga season.

FC St Pauli 2021-2022 Anti-Racism Kit

This is the FC St Pauli 21-22 anti-racism shirt, made by DIIY.

The DIIY FC St Pauli 2021-2022 anti-racism football shirt is grey with a black v neck collar. There are black underarm panels which fade to grey to blend in with the shirt. This speckled fade effect also features on the cuffs and shoulders. The shirt was produced in collaboration with sponsors Congstar, whoe logo is much smaller than usual in order to leave space for the "Kein Platz für Rassismus" (no place for racism) slogan on the chest area. The club badge also features the colours of the rainbow, further displaying their solidarity with minorities and the LGBTQIA+ community in particular.

St. Pauli are well-known for their left wing politics and anti-discrimination values and will be donating €10,000 of the money made from the sales of these shirts to the Kiezhelden donation advisory board to support anti-racism and anti-discrimination projects.

The jersey is available to buy from the club website for €69.95.

Made by DIIY. What's your verdict on FC St Pauli's anti racism jersey? Comment below.