FIFA 22 Add 20 Classic Kits - Classic Football Shirts x EA Sports

Update: Confirming previous rumors, EA Sports today added classics kits of 12 partner clubs to FIFA 22. It includes retro jerseys for Milan, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Liverpool.

FIFA 22 Retro Kits - Available From March 24 - April 29
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FIFA 22 players have the chance to get these iconic kits in the FUT Store from March 24th to April 29th.

FIFA 22 Retro Kits - Available From March 24 - April 29

Below is a list with all the retro kits added to FIFA 22:

Liverpool '82 Retro: Liverpool's home kit of 1982/83 when the Reds claimed a historic double in the League Cup and League Title.

Man City '69 Retro: Manchester City's legendary 1969/70 kit, worn by the first team to win a UEFA Cup and a National Cup in the same season.

Spurs '61 Retro: The 60/61 Tottenham Hotspur Home shirt from when the club won a double in the FA Cup and First Division in 1960/61.

Leeds '92 Retro: Back to 1992 with the Leeds retro kit, celebrating the club's First Division title triumph.

Inter Centenario Retro: Centenary kit, which re-proposes the uniforms worn by champions such as Zanetti, Crespo and Vieira, in the club's 16th Serie A title victory, which took place on the occasion of the team's 100th year.

AC Milan '96 Retro: Inspired by the fourth kit of the 1995/96 season, worn by icons such as Baggio, Maldini and Baresi as the club won their 15th Serie A title.

Dortmund '76 Retro: An iconic kit for a historic season, when the BVB team in 1975/76 finally got promotion to the Bundesliga.

Real Madrid '07 Retro: Inspired by the 2006/07 Real Madrid kit, the Real Madrid Retro shirt returns 15 years later with a design adapted to the present day.

U. Católica '60 Retro: Inspired by the Universidad Católica kit worn by the club in 1960, this stunning jersey celebrates one of the club's most glorious decades.

Portugal 1921 Retro: Celebrating 100 years of the Portuguese men's national team, the centenary shirt commemorates the nation's first official match in 1921.

PSG '89 Retro: Bring some Parisian style to the pitch with the retro '89 kit from French football giants. Ici c'est Paris!

SL Benfica '61 Retro: Celebrate SL Benfica's historic 1960/61 season with the kit with which they won their second consecutive Scudetto and first European Cup.

Update: EA Sports will add the classic kits to FIFA 22 on Thursday this week, in cooperation with Classic Football Shirts (CFS). We will also see three classic-inspired shirts designed by CFS. Today the first of the EA x CFS 2022 kits has been revealed by the retailer. It will be available in-game and in real-life.

CFS x FIFA 22 Kit

Update: We can leak what the partnership between Classic Football Shirts and FIFA is all about. Thanks to @bladejohnson112.

First, FIFA 22 will include some special FUT Classic Football Shirts kits inspired by the bold keeper kits of the 1990s. These could be also available for sale physically.

FIFA 22 New Retro Kits March 2022

EA Sports and CFS will bring classic kits to FIFA 22, including classic jerseys for BVB, Milan and Chelsea.

  • Dortmund '76 Retro
  • Inter Centenario Retro
  • AC Milan Retro
  • Spartak Retro
  • Leeds Retro Kit
  • Liverpool '82 Retro
  • Man City '69 Retr
  • 90's GK
  • Chelsea '84 Retro
  • Spurs '61 Retro
  • PSG '89 Retro

Original Article: In very promising news, classic football shirt retailer Classic Football Shirts today teased a partnership with EA Sports, the publisher of FIFA 22.

Classic Football Shirts are the world's largest retailer of classic shirts and also have the biggest football shirts collection in the world.

Classic Football Shirts Tease EA Sports Partnership

Classic Football Shirts just posted a picture with their logo next to EA ones.

FIFA used to include classic kits

We have no info on what the partnership will bring us, but it seems likely that it is about vintage and old kits in FIFA 22. It would be our dream that EA Sports would add a mega pack of classic kits to FIFA 22, with dozen or even hundreds of iconic old football kits.

Indeed, old FIFA games used to feature classic kits for various clubs but they were removed for FIFA 22.

Stay tuned as the CFS x EA Sports partnership is set to launch on March 25, 2022.

However, if you do not want to wait what this announcement is all about. You can create and download custom kits via the very great website FIFA Kit Creator.

Create and download custom kits for FIFA 21 with FIFA Kit Creator

FIFA 22 Retro Kits - Available From March 24 - April 29
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Do you look forward to finding out what's this partnership all about? Comment below.