No More Exclusivity with PSG? Jordan to Sign Deals with Other Clubs?

PSG and Jordan’s exclusive deal is possibly coming to an end - will we see the Jumpman logo appear alongside the badges of other football clubs?

Jordan have been permitted to work only with PSG, no other football clubs
LeBron James x Liverpool, 2020 | Michael Jordan in Barcelona for the Olympics, 1992

PSG and Jordan have been working together since 2018 in an exclusive deal. Jordan have been permitted to work only with PSG, no other football clubs. Their partnership will continue considering how fruitful it has been, but after this season the Nike sub-brand will be able to collaborate with other clubs - obviously those also sponsored by Nike.

We already leaked Jordan's PSG 22-23 away kitJordan and PSG originally signed a three-year deal until 2021, which was extended by one season until 2022. There has been no official announcement of an extension of the deal yet, but we already leaked the Jordan PSG 22-23 away kit.

Jordan PSG 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

Jordan To Partner with Other Clubs in the Future?

The PSG x Jordan collaboration has been responsible for some of the most anticipated releases, biggest marketing campaigns, and a huge amount of hype in the football kit world over the past four seasons.

Jordan are a sub-brand of Nike, so only Nike teams come into questionThe basketball brand moving into another, bigger sport, and doing so with one of the most recognisable and star-studded club sides in the game was obviously a calculated move. Releasing apparel bearing both the Jordan logo and the PSG badge was a masterstroke for both parties, and the fact that it was an exclusive partnership is what made it work so well.

The Candidates

Nike’s biggest clubs in Europe are Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. With football and streetwear becoming more and more intertwined over the years, having the Jumpman logo on their club’s gear would extend its appeal to audiences beyond fans of the team or the sport itself. Any club would welcome such a guaranteed boost to their sales and status in the fashion world, but Jordan will also be thinking about how any partnership would affect their own image.

Nike and LeBron are going to release a Liverpool collection to rival Jordan x NikePSG were a ready-made football superbrand with global appeal, recognition, domestic success guaranteed and a handy resemblance to the Jordan logo built into their badge. Which of Nike’s other clubs can offer that same level of security? Who will Jordan see their visions align with the most?

Chelsea have the advantage of their association with London and are current European and World champions. Liverpool are going through their most successful period in years and count LeBron James among their investors. Inter have made it back to the top of Italian football and could win their second successive Serie A title this season.

Nike To Release LeBron James x Liverpool Collection

In fact, Liverpool's Chairman Tom Werner last year revealed that a Liverpool x LeBron James football product line is in the work. Nike and LeBron "are going to create seven or eight products that rival the connection that Michael Jordan has with Nike."

1992 Olympics "Dream Team": Jordan has a connection to BarcelonaAtletico Madrid would probably be considered to be lacking in star power while Barcelona are going through something of a difficult time in the post-Messi era, not to mention their well-documented financial troubles. Would Jordan see these as reasons to avoid a collab or opportunities to diversify their portfolio?

However, Michael Jordan and his Jordan brand have a connection to Barcelona. Jordan was part of the Dream Team, the 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team in Barcelona. He did wear a now-famous sweater Jordan sweater in the Catalan capital.

While it could be possible that they work with more than one club at a time, that may remove some of the individuality of the deal, making it less attractive to supporters and streetwear fans alike. It is also possible that Jordan continue to work solely with PSG for a few more seasons, despite the exclusivity clause expiring. One thing that is certain is that after the success of their collections over the years, there is plenty of money for them to make from football.

Jordan could continue to only work with PSG

Who do you think Jordan would be most likely to collaborate with next? Would you like to see your team bearing the Jumpman logo? Give us your view of the situation in the comments.