PSG Sell Security Vests in New York City

PSG opened their new flagship store on New York’s famously high-end Fifth Avenue on Thursday as they continue their quest to become the biggest brand in the sporting world. Among the official Nike and Jordan gear and PSG brand clothing and accessories, there have some rather unusual items for sale. Thanks to @thegoalkeeper for the pictures!

PSG Sell Baseball Bats and High-Visibility Jackets in New Flagship Store

A range of bright orange high-visibility clothing is stocked in the shop, branded with the PSG badge and the address of the store. The photo above shows both long and short sleeve t-shirts, as well as a sleeveless gilet in this style. PSG have released several football-streetwear fusion collections in collaboration with other brands, and over the last few years workwear has become a trend in streetwear circles, and now PSG follow.

In fact, the PSG security clothing has been designed by New York City-based creative studio Fly Nowhere. There is the logo of Fly Nowhere on some of the items.

Fly Nowhere and PSG announced a partnership just some weeks ago.

Baseball bats featuring the PSG badge and New York wording are also available to buy. Baseball has the reputation as “America’s pastime” and this being PSG’s first store on the East Coast of America, it could be considered as giving the market what they want, or at least appealing to their interests.

PSG show no signs of slowing down their expansion and growth, with their transition from a football club to a global brand continuing full steam ahead, so we’ll no doubt see their “logo” appearing on more and more unlikely products in the future.

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