Santos Wear Two Kits in One Game

Santos FC wore two different kits in their Copa do Brasil game against Fluminense-PI last night, changing at half time due to a kit clash.

Santos Change Kit at Half Time

Santos started the game in their dark navy (almost black) third kit, while Fluminense-PI (not to be confused with Fluminense FC, whose home kit is identical to that of their namesakes) wore their green and red striped home kit. Although on paper, these two color combinations may sound relatively different from one another, in reality, it was a nightmare to tell the teams apart as these photos from the tv coverage demonstrate.

Santos reverted to their all-white home strip for the second half, after going a goal down just before the break. The new look provided some much needed contrast and the Santos players could see each other well enough to get an equaliser in the 82nd minute, before going on to win the match 5-4 on penalties.

The most high profile half time kit change of all time happened in 1996 when Manchester United changed out of their grey away shirt and into their blue and white away jersey from the previous season.

The reason was not a kit clash with Southampton’s red and white stripes, but the players’ difficulty in spotting each other on the pitch. According to Alex Ferguson, the grey kit was blending in with the supporters in the stands. The half time switch didn't work as well for United as it did for Santos, with the Red Devils going on to lose 3-1 anyway.

Can you think of any other times when a team wore two different kits in the same match? Let us know in the comments.