Umbro Copy Inter Third Shirt for Amazing New Goalkeeper Kit?

We have kit news from the Malaysian Super League as the new eye-catching Umbro FC Terengganu 2022 goalkeeper kit was released a couple of days ago.

FC Terengganu 2022 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Umbro FC Terengganu goalkeeper jersey for 2022.

The Umbro FC Terengganu 2022 goalkeeper jersey is a mix of a modern style with some elements of 90s goalkeeper shirt design. The body of the shirt is black, with vibrant multicoloured sleeves. Bright colours are used for the club crest, umbro logos and chest sponsor logo. One half of the v neck collar is green while the other half is black.

Copy, Inspiration or Coincidence?

The combination of a mostly black shirt contrasted with vivid colours brings to mind Inter's 21-22 third shirt by Nike. In fact, the orange colour used for the Umbro logo and the blue and green used for the club badge match up perfectly to the colours used for Nike's logo and the club badge used on Inter's shirt. The colours used on FC Terengganu's sleeves are the identical to those found across the chest of the Inter jersey, but with the addition of some white.

The club released two other goalkeeper shirts, one green and one pink, each with distinct graphic patterns of their own, but the black and multicoloured jersey is defintely the pick of the bunch.

Umbro combines the FC Terengganu 2022 goalkeeper shirt with black shorts and lime green socks.

What's your opinion on FC Terengganu's goalkeeper kit? What do you make of the similarites with inter's third shirt? Comment below.