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64 Adidas Italy 2023 Home Kit Concepts

The recent news of Italy’s deal with Adidas has generated a lot of interest and speculation about what the first jerseys of the partnership could look like...

64 Adidas Italy Concept Kits

FIFA Kit Creator, a website to design your own custom kits, have started an Adidas x Italy Home Kit competition. More than 200 users have created Adidas x Italy concept home designs for the site's latest competition - 64 kits are still in the competition. You can check out all the kits below, and head over to to take part in the vote.

We have divided the shirts into four basic categories for ease of viewing: Classic, Modern, Tricolour, and Templates. There is of course some overlap between the categories, for example, a shirt we’ve placed in the tricolor category could also have a classic look, but the tricolor is the most prominent aspect.

Classic Italy Concepts

These shirts are heavily influenced by the iconic Italy kits of the 80s and early 90s, almost entirely blue with some tricolor accents. Italy’s 1995 Nike home shirt was the first to feature a white collar, which was considered akin to sacrilege at the time, but is now rightfully considered one of the best designs of all time and a bonafide classic, so we’ve allowed some white details into this category.

Modern Italy Concepts

The shirts below feature design elements such as collars, patterns and graphics more associated with present day releases. Although graphics were very much a part of the 90s kit aesthetic, these designs are closer to current “throwback” references in shirts, rather than the originals.

Tricolour Italy Concepts

This is the big one. Almost half of the kits in the vote have the Italian tricolor front and center, with a variety of interpretations such as sashes, bands of different thickness and a range of fade effects, giving a glimpse at what could be possible if Adidas decide to incorporate il Tricolore as the main element rather than just a detail.

Template Italy Concepts

Although many of the kits among the 64 are based on Adidas templates, these are the ones that have stuck most closely to the ones we’ve seen used in recent years, sometimes combining features from different Adidas templates.

Which of these concepts is your favorite? Do you think the real Adidas Italy 2023 home shirt will bear any resemblance to any of these shirt designs? Have your say in the comments.