England 2022 World Cup Home Kit Prediction

In early April, we leaked a ball featuring the likely England 2022 World Cup home kit gradient design. How could the kit look on full? Concept designer ChelseaChampions has created a mock-up of a possible design, using FIFA Kit Creator.

England 2022 World Cup Home Kit - Possible Design

The England 2022 World Cup concept shirt is mainly white, with the outstanding design element on the bottom, the shorts, and the socks. It fades from white to sky blue to navy. The socks are navy with a gradient toward white.

The gradient of the leaked ball is certainly part of the kit

We do not know how accurate the mock-up is to the official design, but it looks not wrong. Instead, we can well imagine Nike's design to follow the same approach.

The mock-up lacks the grunge detailing of the gradient design which will add to the final kit.

Another FIFA Kit Creator user came up with a totally different solution - the gradient features on the sleeves of his design. We don't think Nike's kit will have the design on the sleeves.

The England 2022 World Cup kit should be released in September 2022Stay tuned as we hope to leak the first pictures of the England 2022 World Cup kit soon.

LEAKED: England 2022 World Cup Home Kit to Feature Gradient Design?

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Would you like the England kit to have a gradient from the shirt to the shorts to the socks? Comment below.