Exclusive: Next-Gen Nike Mbappe Zoom Mercurial 2022 Signature Boots Info + Collection Leaked

Nike have prepared a special signature football boot for Mbappé based on the next-generation Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite. The French superstar will receive them in late August/early September 2022 for the start of the new season.

We can leak the official colorway as well as the collection boasting the design of the shoes.

Mbappé & Rashford Wear All-New Next-Gen Zoom Mercurial Boots

Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 'Mbappé 2022 Signature' - Dark Beetroot/Metallic Vivid Gold

The 'Dark Beetroot/Metallic Vivid Gold' Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 cleats combine a berry base with gold logos. The exact design is not known yet, but the collection items already preview the design.

The dark beetroot/metallic vivid gold Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 soccer cleats from the new 'Mbappé 2022 Signature' pack have a luxurious look with a special Swoosh and a special diamond KM logo. There is a pixelated all-over pattern including the special Mbappe logo.

It remains to be seen how exactly the design looks on the shoes.

Officially, the colors are "Dark Beetroot/Metallic Vivid Gold".

Tech-wise, Mbappe's Zoom Mercurial soccer cleats are identical to the regular launch edition.

Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 'Mbappé 2022 Signature' - Features

  • Exclusively worn by Kylian Mbappé
  • Air Zoom bag
  • Nike Flyprint upper, instead of Flyknit
  • Made with at least 20% recycled content
  • Again available as Superfly & Vapor versions
  • Price: USD 275 (EUR 275, GBP 230)
  • Colorway: Dark Beetroot/Metallic Vivid Gold
  • Release date: August 2022

Nike's Kylian Mbappé Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite boots are set to be available from August 2022, retailing at USD 275 (EUR 275, GBP 230).

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