FIFA Kit Creator Launch Collections

If you want to create concept kits or recreate actual football jerseys, the possibly best tool out there is FIFA Kit Creator. Now the guys behind the tool launched a new feature - Collections.

Create your own kit using FIFA Kit Creator

FIFA Kit Creator Collections

FIFA Kit Creator Collections allows you to organize kits you've designed into collections. With collections, you can create a more organized overview of your designs - for example, group them by club/league or any other metric you want.

At the moment, unfortunately, it is not possible to see all collections in one place. Many of the site's top creators already created collections, including a set of sponsor-based kits and 2022 World Cup concept jerseys.

WC Qatar Series by Marciozhugo

Kappa Special Series by ICKits

Italy X Adidas by DMFroomer

Sponsor-based kits by Davide_Fossati

National Teams Concepts by ICKits

Create your own kit using FIFA Kit Creator

You can check out 1000s of concept kits on FIFA Kit Creator Showcase, the tool's page to share and see the designs of all creators.

Which of the concept sets is your favorite? Comment below, and stay tuned for a special FIFA Kit Creator x Footy Headlines collaboration...