New Adidas Logo: Adidas Tiro 23 League Kit Leaked - To Be Used for 2023-24 Season

Update - September 25, 2022: Our newest information indicates that the Tiro 23 League jersey is designated as a training kit and will be used less often as conventional match wear. Instead there will be a 'Tiro 23 Competition Match Jersey'.

This situation is similar to the two Condivo 22 kits from this year, both used as match wear, but one being the preferred option.

Original - April 14, 2022: We can give you a first look at Adidas' upcoming Tiro 23 teamwear template. It is set to be released in November of 2022, and will be used by many smaller teams from 2023 onwards.

Tiro 23 League Jersey - NEW

Adidas' new Tiro 23 League jersey is among the first to feature the brand's new logo. Along with this, the three stripes return to the shoulders rather than the sides (Tiro 17 and 19).

At the point where the stripes end, a thin line connects the end of the front-most stripe with the sleeve end. This is a unique design element compared to other Adidas kits.

Release Date: November 1, 2022

Price: $35

8 colorways: White/Black, Black/White, Team Light Grey/White, Team Power Red 2/White, Team Navy Blue 2/White, Team Royal Blue 2/White, Team Light Blue/White & Team Orange/White

Interestingly, the women's version of the Tiro 23 training jersey is slightly different from the men's and youth's. The three Adidas stripes are placed on the sleeves, starting from the ends rather than sitting on the shoulders near the collar.

Tiro 23 Shorts

To accommodate the new Tiro 23 kits, Adidas will also be releasing new Tiro 23 shorts.

The Adidas stripes run down each side, starting at the top and ending before the bottom. Similar to the jersey template, a thin white line connects the end of the top stripe to the bottom of the shorts.

In terms of the colors, each pair of shorts matches one of the eight shirt colorways.

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