Real Madrid Wear Navy Away Socks vs Chelsea - Unfitting Pattern

Real Madrid were wearing an unusual kit combo against Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday night, and it was not the first time...

Real Madrid Wear 21-22 Away Kit Socks vs Chelsea - Unfitting Design

To avoid a clash with Chelsea's white home socks, Real Madrid were forced to wear alternative socks. They opted for the navy, white and orange socks of their 2021-22 away kit.

The Real Madrid 21-22 away kit socks feature the unfitting pattern of the away shirt.

Indeed, last year Real Madrid were already forced to wear alternative socks vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. One year ago, they wore their black away kit socks.

In the second match, Real Madrid CF are allowed to wear their classic all-white shirt, socks, and socks combo. Chelsea will have to switch to all-blue.

Real Madrid Wear Black Socks vs Chelsea - First Home Kit Mashup Since 2007

White, white and, navy. We and many other people liked this look. Still, should Adidas have designed special blue home socks after last year? Comment below.