Updated Liverpool Hillsborough 97 Logo Revealed

Liverpool have updated the Hillsborough memorial symbol, with the number 96 changing to 97. Following the July 2021 death of Andrew Devine who was ruled by a coroner to be the 97th person unlawfully killed as a result of the disaster, a new updated version has been created to acknowledge his passing.

The updated Liverpool Hillsborough Memorial Symbol with the number 97 is featured on the back under the collar of the Liverpool 22-23 home kit.

Updated Hillsborough Memorial Symbol

The Hillsborough Disaster was a fatal human crush during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15th 1989, as a result of which 97 people lost their lives, with a further 766 sustaining injuries.

The memorial symbol bearing the number 96 features on the back of Liverpool's current home shirt, underneath the collar. As we reported last summer, the kits had already been produced when the ruling was announced, so the symbol could not be modified. Next season’s kits will feature the updated version.

Liverpool to Change Hillsborough 96 To 97 On Kits

All tributes posted online, in print or in any other form now bear the number 97 im memory of those who lost their lives.