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Adidas 22-23 'Shadowportal' Black Pack Boots Released

For the start of the 2022-2023 season, Adidas again release a black boot collection - introducing the Adidas Shadowportal Pack.

    The Black Pack is NOT worn by Adidas' best players, as always

    The new Adidas 2022 Shadowportal Black Pack will be not worn by Adidas' best athletes on the pitch, who will instead switch to the 'Game Data' collection.

    Adidas 2022 Shadowportal Soccer Cleats

    A dark yet striking look for Adidas' three main silos, the Adidas Shadowportal Black Pack combines a black base with striking red and green. Officially, the colors are Black/Solar Red/Solar Green.

    Indeed, the accent colors of the Shadowportal boots are inspired by the main colors of the 22-23 New Season On-Pitch Pack, called "Game Data".

    Adidas Copa Sense 'Shadowportal' - Black/Solar Red/Solar Green

    The 'Black/Solar Red/Solar Green' Adidas Copa Sense boots have the same colors as the Predator and X of the Shadowportal pack. They combine a black base with red logos and detailing, Solar Green accents can be found in the inner area.

    Adidas Predator Edge '22-23 Black Pack' - Black/Team Solar Green/Solar Red

    The new Adidas Edge Predator Shadowportal football shoes combine a black base with striking yellow Three Stripes. The sole plate fades towards pink in the front.

    Adidas X Speedportal 'Shadowportal' - Black/Solar Red/Solar Green

    The Black Pack Adidas X 2022 'Shadowportal' football boots are anything but classic, despite being overwhelmingly black. Adidas combine the black base color with striking red Three Stripes and Solar Green detailing.

    The new Adidas Shadowportal collection is available to buy from 21 July 2022.

    What do you think of the Adidas 2022 Shadowportal Pack? Would you like Adidas' best players to wear them? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.